Jaime Harrison Narrowly Leading Lindsey Graham in New Poll

Lindsey Graham is having a rough week. First, his refusal to take a COVID19 test prior to last Friday’s second Senatorial debate in South Carolina forced its cancellation. He then made an odd plea to Black voters in South Carolina, telling them their only course of survival was to become Conservatives and vote for him and Donald Trump. Graham also refused to take a COVID19 before the Amy Coney Barrett hearings began in the Senate, where yesterday he remarked on the “good ol days” of segregation.

His erratic and openly racist behavior just might be the reason he’s now trailing Harrison in a new poll released on Thursday.

According to the latest state poll from Data for Progress, Harrison was backed by 47 percent of voters in the state, while Graham was supported by 46 percent of his constituents. A further six percent of South Carolina voters said they were unsure who they would be voting for in less than a month’s time, while the remainder told pollsters they would be opting for a third-party candidate.

When the same group conducted the same survey at the end of September, they found that Graham had a one-point lead over Harrison among likely voters in South Carolina. Forty-seven percent said they would vote for the incumbent at the time, a reverse of the picture painted today. Conversely, Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden by nine points in South Carolina.

Graham’s behavior on the national stage has only benefitted Harrison, who has raised a record amount in the wake of their only debate thus far. Harrison’s fundraising efforts have been crushing Graham’s hauls; the Harrison campaign said the Democratic challenger had raised $57 million in donations between July and September. By comparison, the Graham re-election campaign raised $28 million over the same period.


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