Jacob Wohl: White House Comms Director/Wife Are “Big Fans Who Help Me out”

Jacob Wohl is a conservative activist known for his extreme stunts. First, he and partner Jack Burkman accused Robert Mueller of sexually assault. The alleged victim, Carolyn Cass, later spoke to Hill Reporter, debunking the story. Burkman and Wohl claimed Surefire Intelligence had dug up the dirt on Mueller. Surefire was later found to be a quasi hoax company created by Wohl. Then Wohl was banned from Twitter. And this weekend during CPAC Wohl held a press conference in a lobby of nearby hotel, presenting his latest conspiracy theory, this one concerning Ilhan Omar.

That doesn’t mean Wohl doesn’t have his supporters among conservatives. According to Mother Jones, White House Communications Director Bill Shine and his wife, Darla, are big fans of Wohl’s “work”.

The young conservative activist met Shine through his father, David. David Wohl was a frequent guest on Fox News, where Shine previously worked as the network’s co-president.

Jacob Wohl says that the Shines are “big fans” of his, who “help him out”.  He was spotted hanging out with the couple at various CPAC after-parties.

Darla Shine is especially partial to Wohl and his frequent partner in crime, Laura Loomer. Wohl explains, “I just think [Darla] thinks Laura and I are young, aggressive conservative activists and personalities and, generally speaking, she’s a fan.”

Darla Shine, herself, is no stranger to controversy. Her twitter account, deleted after her husband joined the White House, was full of anti-vaccination theories, pro-Trump rhetoric and outright racism. She recently reactivated the feed.

Wohl and Loomer did manage to hold their Ilhan Omar press conference outside CPAC in a nearby hotel. The conference was widely mocked by both the press and on social media.

For more on Wohl and Surefire Intelligence, check out this threatening phone call received by Hill Reporter founders, Brian and Ed Krassenstein, which was preceded by threatening text messages:


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