Jacob Wohl To Face Charges For False Twitter Threat, According To Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti, the attorney who fought Donald Trump on behalf of adult star Stormy Daniels, is now working on behalf of another individual who believes he was wronged by a right-wing media personality. This time, it’s Jacob Wohl at the defendant’s table, and he’ll be facing an accusation that his unauthorized use of another man’s photo has negatively affected that man’s life.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Screen Capture

Avenatti says he’s expecting charges to be filed against Wohl as well, and he’s cooperating with police, apparently on the accusation that Wohl filed a false report when he claimed he was the recipient of a death threat.

If that all sounds complicated, here’s the breakdown. In February, Jacob Wohl filed a complaint with Minneapolis police, saying he was the recipient of threatening messages. NBC obtained a copy of the police report, which includes as part of the complaint a message warning Wohl that “I’m gonna shoot you and [expletive] on your [expletive] bodies.”

That message is featured in a documentary Wohl was filming while attempting to paint Representative Ilhan Omar in a negative light. In the documentary, the sender’s name can be seen: Drake Holmes.

Unfortunately for Wohl, at about the same time, he was banned from Twitter for making fake accounts, according to The Daily Beast — and Drake Holmes was one of those accounts.

Thus, it appears that Jacob Wohl reported to the police a death threat — sent to him by an account he made himself.

Of course, to make a fake account look authentic, it needs not only a bio (Drake Holmes’ bio painted him as a Diversity Coordinator) but a picture. However, it seems the creator of Drake’s account did not pull a stock photo or use a headshot of his pet, but instead, nabbed a photo from the Instagram account of an individual who had no knowledge of this activity.

Aaron Delgado, a realtor, tells NBC reporter Ben Collins he’s not a close follower of politics and didn’t know who Jacob Wohl was until his own photo showed up on the news.

Delgado has enlisted Michael Avenatti to help him fight the negative associations attached to his image. On Wednesday, Avenatti tweeted to confirm that he’ll be representing Delgado and that they are cooperating with police and expect charges to be filed against Wohl for the fake threats.  Avenatti later claimed that he can “confirm that Jacob Wohl is also presently under investigation for multiple criminal firearm violations.”

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