Jacob Wohl Offers Matt Gaetz Dating Advice

Jacob Wohl, known for numerous schemes and scams, has input on Matt Gaetz’ scandal. He says it’s no big deal to date a 17-year-old, but high-profile men (he includes himself) must photograph the IDs of young dates and save them for evidence down the road.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]
Matt Gaetz is having a very public problem right now. First, he’s been accused of transporting an underaged teenager across state lines for sex, while paying for her travel. Then, he went on television and announced to the world that there are alleged to be photos of him with child prostitutes — an allegation the public hadn’t heard until he shared it.

Now, he’s being offered advice from notorious troll Jacob Wohl, who says that the scandal is no big deal — that a 38-year-old man dating a 17-year-old child is no problem, if the man is physically attractive. On Telegram, where the one-time Twitter troll has been relegated since being kicked off all major social media sites, he declared, “A 38-year-old man being with a 17-year-old young woman wouldn’t even raise eyebrows in most parts of the world. Many women hit their physical prime at age 17-18. The modeling world knows this well,” adding, “A 38-year-old good looking guy being with a 17-year-old isn’t even a news story.”

[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Telegram]
Then he started doling out the advice, which got slimier and creepier. Single politicians, he says, should be open about their dating lives, and public figures (such as himself) should photograph the ID of any girl they date and save it in multiple locations.

[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Telegram]
Gaetz, for his part, continues to deny that he was ever involved with a 17-year-old girl, and says that it’s all part of an extortion scam.

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