[WATCH] Jacob Wohl Joins Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vigil To Tell Mourners “She Was A Horrible Person”

Jacob Wohl, a conspiracy theorist who has been caught in numerous plots to smear public figures, appeared at a vigil Saturday where people mourned the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Shouting at her mourners, he told them that Roe v. Wade is dead, that there will be a new Justice on the Supreme Court next week, and that Ginsburg was a horrible person.

Jacob Wohl at RBG memorial
[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Shortly after Ginsburg’s death became public knowledge Friday evening, Wohl posted to the social network Parler, where he and others have set up camp since being kicked off of Twitter and other sites for rule violations. He said, “I’m profoundly sad to hear about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.,” then added, “Just kidding.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg death mocked by Jacob Wohl
[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Parler]

On Saturday, as Ginsburg’s life was celebrated and her death mourned by crowds of admirers outside the Supreme Court building, Wohl joined the gathering. He shouted at Ginsburg’s admirers, denigrating her life’s work.

Roe v. Wade is dead! Roe v. Wade is gone! We are going to be rid of Roe v. Wade for good. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a horrible person.

Later, framing the incident as a war between sides, rather than the disruption of vigil and disrespect of mourners, he posted an image of one attendee appearing to yell back at him. “Male feminist vs God fearing conservative,” Wohl said. “Pick your fighter.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jacob Wohl
[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Parler]

In the video at the event, the mourner shown in Wohl’s post can be heard repeatedly telling Wohl, “Respect this woman! Respect this woman!”

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