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Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman: Trump’s Connections to Mueller Sex Assault Hoax Masterminds

Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman: Trump’s Connections to Mueller Sex Assault Hoax Masterminds

Yesterday was almost comical — if it wasn’t so incredibly serious — as America got to watch a conspiracy, masterminded by idiots, come crumbling down. Yesterday morning we broke a story on the bizarre, yet nearly successful attempt to possibly obstruct a criminal investigation into the Trump Campaign by painting Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a sex predator and a drunk.

For those who missed the story, where Republican lobbyist, radio host and right-wing conspiracy theorist, Jack Burkman apparently teamed up with Twitter troll and conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl to allegedly pay women to make false claims against Mr. Mueller, the full story can be found here.

While no one is quite sure of the true intentions of this sloppy plan to paint Mueller as a sex predator and drunk, and it’s a stretch to try to link this foiled plot to the President himself, both men do have have some interesting ties to Mr. Trump.

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Wohl has met the president at least one time, and the president actually retweeted his messages on three different occasions last year. Thanks to the searchable database, TrumpTwitterArchive.com, we were able to locate the three tweets shown below which Trump retweeted on Jul 3, 2017 at 8:33:50 PM, Aug 3,2017 at 7:05:07 AM and Aug 16, 2017 at 12:50:13 PM, respectively.


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Jack Burkman, on the other hand, had a more hands-on approach with the president’s campaign in 2016. In June of that year, Burkman held an event he called “Lobbyists for Trump,” where he invited all the major D.C. lobbyists to attend and raise money for the Trump Campaign. The event, which was planned to be hosted at Burkman’s Arlington, Virginia home, expected to raise up to $300,000 from over 200 lobbyists and 100 defense contractors.

“Lobbyists don’t care about issues, they care about tactics. They want to know how does it benefit them, how does it benefit their clients, how will they be received in the White House,” Burkman told US News at the time.

Burkman has also met with Trump in the past, according to his own statements, and on December 19, 2017 he held a fundraiser for indicted former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates. This fundraiser was in violation of a gag order that Gates was under at the time.

While none of this points to the president knowing beforehand that both Wohl and Burkman were behind this sloppy attempt to discredit Mueller, it certainly makes the situation a little bit more interesting, and undoubtedly the Special Counsel and/or FBI will look further into these ties.

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