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Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman, Charged With Felonies For Conspiring To Intimidate Voters

Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman, Charged With Felonies For Conspiring To Intimidate Voters

Jacob Wohl facing consequences

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are reportedly being hit with four felony charges each, for a scheme in which they are accused of using robocalls to convince voters not to vote by mail. The two have been involved in a long list of schemes, including false accusations against public figures, and quite recently, allegedly faking an FBI raid on Burkman’s home.

Jacob Wohl facing consequences
WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 27: Police officers surround Jacob Wohl as he taunts protesters during a “Trump/Pence Out Now” rally at Black Lives Matter plaza August 27, 2020 in Washington, DC. Protesters gathered as the Republican National Convention on its final night was set to nominate President Donald Trump for a second term in office. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

The pair were accused of running a voter suppression scam, in which they reportedly used a robocall to misinform voters about mail-in ballots, telling voters that their ballot information will be used by law enforcement to track fugitives, given to credit companies to track down debtors, and even by the CDC to track people for the mythical “mandatory vaccination.”

On Thursday, AP reporter David Eggert shared that Michigan’s Attorney General had announced charges against the two.

On Parler, the social media network to which Wohl was exiled after he managed to get kicked off most mainstream social sites, rather than address the charges, he deflected with an attack on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Joe Biden’s son, Beau, declaring both to be in hell.

Jacob Wohl classy
[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Parler]

The full statement from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel lists the charges.

Jack Burkman, 54, and Jacob Wohl, 22, are each charged with:

One count of election law – intimidating voters, a five-year felony;
One count of conspiracy to commit an election law violation, a five-year felony;
One count of using a computer to commit the crime of election law – intimidating voters, a seven-year felony; and
Using a computer to commit the crime of conspiracy, a seven-year felony.

She goes on to suggest that if the two don’t present themselves voluntarily in a timely manner, formal extradition is on the table.

The many people who have been watching and waiting to see just which scheme it will be that finally results in consequences for the notorious pair quickly turned to social media to respond to the news.


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Wohl recently made a public appearance at a vigil for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, where he shouted at mourners and told them the beloved Supreme Court Justice was a terrible person.

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