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Jacob Wohl Fails At Smearing Joe Biden With 1988 Article On A Brain Aneurysm

Jacob Wohl Fails At Smearing Joe Biden With 1988 Article On A Brain Aneurysm

Right-wing smear-monger Jacob Wohl, notable for pushing false and blatantly fabricated stories of his own making against Democratic and left-leaning officials, shared an Instagram post about Joe Biden that Wohl implied should raise caution about the presidential candidate’s health.

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The article is from more than three decades ago.

Wohl published a screenshot on his Instagram account of a New York Times article from 1988 describing how Biden, at the time a U.S. Senator and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, was recovering from surgery from a brain aneurysm.

Wohl called Biden in the present a “very sick old man” in his post.


According to an archived version of the article in question, Biden was recovering and responding to motor skills directions directly after the surgery was over. It was his second surgery correcting an aneurysm within a year, during which doctors said there weren’t any others noticeable that would require their attention in the future.

People were quick to point out the absurdity of Wohl using an article from 31 years ago to disparage a candidate today. One specific user, whose screen name is abar1985, called out Wohl’s antics as immature.

The user admitted that they themselves don’t like Biden as a candidate, but that the posting by Wohl actually proved Biden was healthy to run.

“This is from ’88. If anything it makes him look better,” the user wrote. “[It] proves he beat brain cancer [sic] and is still kicking. This is not gonna show people he’s unfit. You have some serious maturing to do.”

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This isn’t the only instance of Wohl trying — and failing spectacularly — to undermine a Democratic candidate for president running against Donald Trump. In late April, Wohl was part of a plan he orchestrated himself to use a gay college Republican student from Michigan in a plot to falsely accuse candidate Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault.

That plot was foiled when the student in question came forward to several media outlets (including speaking with HillReporter.com directly) about Wohl’s nefarious plans.

Wohl’s attacks on Biden are also somewhat hypocritical, given that the conservative’s favored candidate Trump has provided mostly dubious reports on his own health over the past few years.

Joe Biden’s mother lived to be 92 and his father 87.

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