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Jacob Wohl Claims Robert Mueller’s Office is Behind Hoax Email

Jacob Wohl Claims Robert Mueller’s Office is Behind Hoax Email

Just yesterday Hill Reporter broke a story in which it appeared as though frequent Twitter troll Jacob Wohl was part of some very bizarre scheme to claim that Jack Burkman, a conservative radio host and lobbyist was attempting to pay women to allege sexual misconduct against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Brian Krassenstein and I reached out to a phone number originating from the woman making these allegations, Lorraine [Weaver] Parsons, who made claims against Burkman alleging he had offered her money in exchange for a sworn statement claiming sexual misconduct against the Special Counsel.

In response, we received veiled threats from a man claiming to be Mike Wilcox of “Surefire Intelligence”.  Surefire Intelligence tracks back to Jacob Wohl in numerous ways.  Jack Burkman told Hill Reporter that Wohl runs the firm, and other content on the Surefire Intelligence website links Wohl directly to the firm as well.

Now, in a seemingly ridiculous claim, Jacob Wohl is alleging that the apparent hoax email from this woman named Lorraine Parsons was “likely sent out” from “someone inside Mueller’s office”.  Wohl claims that this is an attempt to discredit other women who are allegedly coming forward.


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Hill Reporter has reached out to Wohl and Burkman for further comment, but we have not heard back as of the time of this publication.  Wohl previously told us that he has no idea who Surefire Intelligence is and only met Burkman a few times.

The Special Counsel told Hill Reporter yesterday that the matter has been referred to the FBI, and Hill Reporter confirms that the FBI has started an investigation into the matter.

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