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Did Jacob Wohl Forge a Trump Foundation SDNY Search Warrant Prior to Twitter Suspension?

Did Jacob Wohl Forge a Trump Foundation SDNY Search Warrant Prior to Twitter Suspension?

UPDATE: 8:30 am Feb 27:

A man claiming to be Timothy Royster has reached out to HillReporter taking credit for sending false claims to our editorial staff, and saying that he has no connection with Jacob Wohl.  This individual seems vehement in proving to us that he is the one who appears to have openly lied to a news organization.  This in itself has us skeptical, but like we’ve pointed out already in the original article, we do not know for a fact who this individual (presumable also the one who sent the forged documents (SEE NEW UPDATE BELOW) is.

UPDATE: 12:12 am March 1:

Timothy Royster has again emailed HillReporter after we have sent numerous cease and desist emails. He says he is not the person who sent us the forged SDNY document. He has, however, openly admitted once again to planting fake information to trick a news organization.

In Mr. Roysters own words:

“One last thing, two real news organizations are interested in my story. Planting fake news and disinformation to discredit your “journalists” has caught the interest of a few real journalists.”

As the internet learns that Jacob Wohl has been banned from Twitter, there appears to possibly be a backstory to all of this madness surrounding the former man who accused Robert Mueller of rape.

HillReporter has been conducting an investigation into Mr. Wohl, as well as his father David Wohl and GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman over the course of the past several weeks, after having extensive conversations with Carolyne Cass. Cass is the woman who Wohl held a press conference for to make rape allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in November, but she never showed up to the conference and never signed any documentation with such claims.

Carolyn Cass Imposter
In the midst of our conversations with Cass this past week, we received several suspicious contacts from an individual, one of which sent us a text message first asking about what we know about Donald Trump Jr. (we will return to this in a minute). The person identified themselves as none other than Carolyne Cass. The problem is that we were literally on the phone with Cass just an hour prior, and we knew that this was not her personal phone number.

This individual, masquerading as Cass, proceeded to ask us to remove an article on HillReporter from November in which we interviewed Cass. In the article, Cass claimed that Wohl misled her and the public regarding the allegations against Mueller. Over the course of the next day, we played along, having a text message conversation with this individual who we knew was not Cass and who we suspected could possibly be Jacob Wohl (There is little reason why anyone else would request that article be removed, or reference Wohl over and over again, but we can not confirm it’s Wohl).

Returning to Donald Trump Jr:
A day prior to our contact with the Cass imposter, possibly Jaco Wohl, we received several messages from both a Twitter account (@ExBuzzfeed), and via email, claiming to have inside knowledge of the Mueller probe, and claiming that Donald Trump Jr. was scheduled to be indicted on Wednesday Feb 27. Like Wohl had done in the past (i.e. Lorraine Parsons rape allegations), it appeared as if this imposter was trying to convince the media to report on another false story. Not only were these claims just sent to us via email and through Twitter direct message from this individual who said they were a former BuzzFeed employee that had contacts working within the Mueller probe, but they sent the following document as well.

The document appears to be a search warrant issued from the Southern District of New York against the Trump Foundation, scheduled to be executed prior to February 25, 2019. The problem is that the document is forged. We reached out to the Southern District of New York to confirm that the warrant is fake, meaning that Judge Robert W. Lehrburger’s signatures are forged in two separate spots, which would be considered a federal crime.

Now, returning to that initial text message received from the fake Carolyne Cass (possibly Wohl), which read “Brian do [you] have any insight mueller or Trump Jr?” It appears as if the person behind these texts were trying to get us to propagate false information to them in an attempt at a ‘gotcha moment’.  In our opinion, just like in October/November of last year with the fake Lorraine Parsons story, this individual wanted the false information sent from the @ExBuzzfeed account to be propagated via text so that we could be discredited for spreading fake news.

Further Texts from What Appears to be Wohl Pretending to be Cass

After the Cass imposter couldn’t get us to bite on the fake Don Jr. claims, he next turned to attempting to persuade us into removing the old Carolyne Cass article, claiming that we coerced her into telling the story and that we must remove it immediately.  The individual behind the account then tried to get us to admit that we paid Cass for the story. For the record, we did not pay Cass for the story and two weeks ago she came to us wanting to tell us the full story in fact.  That full story will soon be released on the KrassenCast Podcast.

Meanwhile, this individual, pretending to be Cass, next admitted to creating a new Carolyne Cass Twitter account, @CarolyneCCass (Twitter has since suspended it) in order to set the record straight about a USA Today article which quoted Cass, presenting Jacob in negative light this morning.

We showed the real Carolyne Cass the text messages this afternoon and she responded with the following:

“Those texts are not from me.  Currently this is my only phone number, which is the same # we spoke on back in November. This is something he would fabricate. I can’t say for sure if he is acting alone or with a cohort. I wouldn’t put this past them based on what I know and from my experience. I was alerted over the weekend that someone tried to change my Instagram password, essentially attempting to hack into my account. I have been getting stalked in cars when I leave my house several times the past week. Someone is behind this.”

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After playing along for several hours, we eventually decided to let the Cass imposter in on the fact that we knew it wasn’t really Cass all along, by texting, “Jacob I know it’s you.” He clearly responded to us when we referred to him as Jacob as seen below:

We then wanted to confirm that he was the one who sent the Twitter direct messages to us from the @ExBuzzFeed account, which included the forged SDNY Search Warrant.  Here was his reply:

But then within 2 minutes of a tweet we made teasing this story, he suddenly panicked, denied he was Wohl, threatened to sue us for libel (if it’s not Wohl, then how can he sue us for libel?) and then threatened to reveal information which we teased him with (more on this if he ever decides to publish it.)

Almost immediately after Jacob Wohl’s account was suspended by Twitter, we reached out to Twitter’s press team to ask if three particular accounts were also run by Jacob Wohl.  These accounts were @exbuzzfeed (the account which sent us the forged SDNY document), @exposedcold and @CarolyneCcass. These accounts were all still active at the time we emailed Twitter (note: links are to an archived version of these pages).  Ali Breland of Mother Jones also reached out to his press contacts at Twitter after we discussed the matter with him.  About 45 minutes later, all three accounts were also suspended from Twitter.  Twitter would not confirm with us if they were related to Wohl but they did reply with a follow up saying: “I can only share that the accounts are now suspended…. The account was suspended for multiple violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically creating and operating fake accounts.”

After we inquired with the SDNY about the forged document, we were contacted by the U.S. Marshall’s Office who is now looking into the matter.

While people like Wohl, Laura Loomer and Tommy Robinson complain that there is a “liberal conspiracy” out to get right wing advocates, perhaps they should simply look in the mirror at their actions prior to getting banned from social media.  While we can not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wohl was 100% behind this scheme to forge a federal judge’s signature, some of the evidence, the text messages, and the history speak for themselves. Could it also be an elaborate scheme to impersonate Wohl, who impersonated Cass, and other media sources, for no reason other than to have fun, while forging a federal court document?  We guess that’s possible as well.  There have been crazier things to happen on the internet in the past, right?

Federal authorities will be able to subpoena Twitter for IP addresses and user details to likely determine for sure who was behind this apparent crime.  HillReporter reached out to Wohl via both email and phone, where we had communicated with him in the past, but he would not return our requests for clarification to this story.  If he does reach out to us, we would be happy to include his statement at the top of this story.

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