Jacob Wohl And Jack Burkman Present Fake Witness Against Joe Scarborough

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have been caught in a variety of scams and schemes, including, specifically, previous attempts to smear the names of political candidates or public figures. They’ve previously produced ‘victims’ who later admit that the accusations were false. This time, to all appearances, they’ve found a victim so fake that he doesn’t even exist.


Ford Fischer of News2Share reported Wohl’s press conference, sharing updates on Twitter. From the beginning, he was skeptical of the claims that Wohl and Burkman promised to present, clearly being familiar with the pair’s past. Speaking of which, there’s a lot of it, but just to describe some of the most relevant to this case, LA Mag reported on them back in November, when there was talk of felony charges after alleged sexual assault victims of both Robert Mueller and Pete Buttigieg admitted that Wohl and Burkman had made up false allegations.

So, forward to the Wednesday press conference. Fischer shared screenshots of an email in which Burkman claims to have found an individual who has evidence, specifically a recording, of Joe Scarborough (the MSNBC host against whom the president has a long-standing grudge) admitting to murder.

Of course, there’s a backstory to that too. The short version is that a staffer working for Joe Scarborough died in 2001, the medical examiner found it to be due to natural causes, and the president of the United States has been tweeting conspiracy theories about Scarborough as a murderer.

Now Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are claiming to have found an individual, one Mark Hoffman, who overheard and recorded Scarborough admitting, in detail, to the deed. However, when Fischer began to film the conference, Hoffman didn’t really show up, and the reporter pressed Wohl and Burkman for whether Hoffman was even real.

Wohl, Burkman, and “Hoffman” provided a distorted recording, and failed to provide any evidence of Hoffman’s identity or that the person on the recording was Joe Scarborough.

However, the story didn’t stop at the lack of evidence. Investigators for Bellingcat started to dig into the identity of Mark Hoffman. Aric Toler quickly determined that the profile photo was generated by This Person Does Not Exist.

That wasn’t all. Continuing to dig through the Twitter account of “Mark Hoffman,” Toler was able to determine it had been repurposed — from an account previously linked to Jacob Wohl, and operated under another false name, also used to smear public figures, and also apparently with a fake profile photo.

Notably, Mark Hoffman’s Twitter account is now suspended for violation of site rules.

Jacob Wohl produces fake witness
[Screenshot via Twitter]

The story will sound like deja vu to anyone who has been following Wohl’s activities. The Cut has an extensive list of many more smear attempts, with targets including Anthony Fauci, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Ilhan Omar, and more. Some of these have had impacts — for instance, conspiracy theorists still share the false claim that Representative Omar married her brother, though Truth Or Fiction investigated and debunked it last year.

Wohl was kicked off Twitter due to his fake accounts, but he’s still using other, less regulated, social media platforms to try to stay relevant, including a recent attempt to fundraise for Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged in the death of George Floyd.

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