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Jackie Speier: Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Could be Released in Coming Days

Jackie Speier: Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Could be Released in Coming Days

During the month of October, the White House willingly released a “transcript” of a call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman later testified that the released transcript was heavily edited.

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The released transcript convinced Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to open an impeachment inquiry into the President’s actions. California Congresswoman Jackie Speier is now saying that transcripts from interviews conducted in regards to inquiry could be released this week.

Speier said on CBS’s Face the Nation that Americans may soon be able to see what was said in the interviews. “I don’t know if they’re all going to be released on the same day, but they’re going to be very telling to the American people,” she told host Margaret Brennan.

The congresswoman, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, also gave a a sneak preview to a potential Republican strategy. She continued, “There is no question now whether there was a quid pro quo, and now the question the Republicans are trying to throw out is, ‘Well, was there corrupt intent?’

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Republicans have been clear in their request that the Democrats open up the process. According to Speier that will happen shorty. She said, “We have one more week of interviews that will take place and then I’m pretty confident we’re going the move into a public hearing setting in which the House Intelligence Committee, along with the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Oversight Committees, will start to place in the public’s hands the information.”


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