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Jack Burkman & Jacob Wohl’s Story Exposed Through Exclusive Conversations

Jack Burkman & Jacob Wohl’s Story Exposed Through Exclusive Conversations

  • Individual claiming to be employed by Surefire Intelligence knew of Lorraine Parsons prior to the story going public.
  • Jack Burkman claimed that Surefire Intelligence’s ‘partners have actually worked for Trump’.
  • Jack Burkman linked the name Lorraine Parsons to his Mueller Investigation before Parson’s allegations went public.
  • Jack Burkman seemingly implied that he might represent Parsons.
  • Jacob Wohl claimed to only know of Jack Burkman from his run-ins with him at Trump meet-ups and denied working on a Mueller investigation.

It was just two days ago that Hill Reporter broke a bizarre story about an alleged attempt to pay a woman named Lorraine Parsons to make sexual assault accusations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Conservative radio host and conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman and conservative Twitter troll Jacob Wohl have been tied to these suspicious allegations as well.  Lorraine Parsons doesn’t appear to be a real person.

Now Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl claim to have a “credible” accuser who is apparently coming forward with what they refer to as legitimate sexual assault allegations against Robert Mueller.   The alleged accuser’s name is Carolyne Cass.

Jacob Wohl  has also admitted to being the man behind the suspicious company named “Surefire Intelligence”, and says that he nor Jack Burkman have any idea who Lorraine Parsons is.

The problem with these claims, which were made by the two men in a video released today by a journalist named Alicia Powe, and via a press conference held in Virginia, is that Hill Reporter has had conversations with both Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl over the past 10 days, and their statements seem to contradict the story that they are telling today.

Our Original Contact with Lorraine Parsons

After being contacted by Lorraine Parsons, who later told me that her maiden name was “Weaver” and that she lived in a gated community in Fort Myers, Florida called ‘Palms of Monterey‘, we not only reported the allegations to the Special Counsel’s office but Brian Krassenstein and I also began an investigation of our own for HillReporter.  The initial email was sent to us by Parsons on October 18.

On October 22, Parsons reached out to us again with an apparent text message that she received from a number which she claimed offered her money in exchange for a sworn testimony alleging sexual misconduct by Robert Mueller.  She claimed that the individual who sent her this text was a man named Bill Christensen who was working on behalf of Jack Burkman, and that the message was sent to her on October 19 at 3:05PM. The area code for this number was (703), which belongs to an area in Arlington, Virginia and surrounding areas. Note: Wohl and Burkman’s press conference today was in Arlington, Virginia as well and Burkman’s phone number we reached him at also comes from the (703) area code.
Screenshot of a text message sent to Hill Reporter on October 22,2018 from a woman claiming to be Lorraine Weaver Parsons.

Brian Krassenstein Receives Veiled Threats From a Man Calling From a Phone Number Provided by Lorraine Parsons, Claiming to be From Surefire Intelligence

We called the phone number from the text message above that Parsons provided to us, which was from a man named Bill Christensen, according to Parsons (number redacted).  Upon calling this number, we reached a voicemail box and left a message.  Several minutes later we received a text message from this same exact number, which read, “You’re in over your head Brian. Drop this.”  The text message, seen below, also included a screenshot of both of our home addresses, in what appears to have been a veiled threat trying to intimidate us into dropping our investigation.
Text message Hill Reporter received on October 22, prior to receiving a call from a man from this same number claiming to be “Mike Wilcox” of “Surefire Intelligence”.

About 20 minutes later, a man called us from another similar number also originating from the (703) area code.  He identified himself as Mike Wilcox of ‘Surefire Intelligence’ and confirmed that he was aware of “Lorraine Parsons”.  Below is a transcript of the call:

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: Brian I want you to drop this right now. You are in way over your head. Stop this right now!

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: Excuse me, what was that?

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: That’s really all I have to say Brian.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: I’m not really sure what you mean.

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: I don’t think there is much more to say, thank you.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: Who is this again?

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: My name is Mike Wilcox.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: Ok, I’m not following you though.

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: I don’t think there is anything else to say I just said everything I needed to say.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: Who do you work for?

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: I am the head of PR at Surefire Intelligence. You were in contact with one of our people, Bill Christensen, and I know you have tried to speak with Lorraine Parsons.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: Yes, yes I have. So what’s wrong with that? I’m just curious. You are telling me to stop contacting her?

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: Yeah, and beyond that I can’t really comment on any past, future or current operations.

Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein: So I’m in over my head? What do you mean by that?

Surefire’s “Head of PR” Mike Wilcox: That’s all I have to say Brian (Hangs up).

This conversation doesn’t only show the intimidation tactics used by the man who alleges to be working with Jacob Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence, but it also shows that on October 22nd, the same day that Parsons emailed us and other reporters, Surefire Intelligence apparently was well aware of Lorraine Parsons, and in fact appeared to be worried that we were digging into her.  Not only that, but the text message we received from the same number as the one Parsons claimed to had been offered $75,000 from confirms that Surefire Intelligence was likely either staging a fake text message exchange between themselves and Parsons, or they actually did try to offer this unverified woman cash in exchange for her sworn statement against Mr. Mueller.
Ed Krassenstein’s Conversation with Jack Burkman on October 22, 2018, Where Burkman Claims Surefire Intelligence’s Partners have Worked for Trump :

After receiving these threats, we contacted the Special Counsel’s office and began taking meticulous notes and documenting everything that occurred from thereon out, including a phone conversation we had with Jack Burkman.

“Can you tell me who Surefire Intelligence is,” I asked Burkman on October 22, after reaching him on his personal phone which also had a (703) area code. “I don’t think Surefire Intelligence is a real company,” I told Burkman. “I think you are using them to spread false information.”

Burkman then responded, ”Surefire is a real company. They are an intel outfit in Los Angeles. We’ve known them for a long time. The guy’s name is Wohl and their partners have actually worked for Trump.”

“We’ve known them (Surefire Intelligence) for a long time,” Burkman continued. “The guy’s name is Jacob Wohl, and he does just as the name suggest, they do a lot of intel work, they do a lot of good research, it’s an extremely good outfit out of California.”

It is worth noting that in today’s press conference Wohl said that Surefire Intelligence has had absolutely no contact with the White House.

In this same phone conversation with Burkman, I asked him, “Who would you say Lorraine Parsons is?”

Burkman, apparently fumbling for a response, replied, “Well we can’t, I can’t get in, in other words you want to get into a discussion, in other words, you’re correct we’re conducting an investigation of Mueller, but I don’t want to get into, I can’t really get into that with the press. I mean it’s that, you wanna go through the investigation.”

It was apparent that I had caught Burkman off guard, and without mentioning Parsons previously he seemingly equated her name with being part of his investigation into sexual assault allegations into Mueller, even though today he claims to never have had heard of or had anything to do with Parsons. I decided to keep digging with the Lorraine Parsons questions, knowing it was making him uncomfortable.

I followed up with Burkman, by saying, “Some things seem rather fishy about this investigation. Lorraine Parsons came forward saying that you offered to pay her to come forward with allegations against Mueller, but I don’t actually believe Lorraine Parsons is a real person, and I don’t believe that Surefire is a legitimate company.” Burkman replied, “The only thing I can tell you is that Surefire is certainly real. I’ve known them for some time. But in terms of the rest, some of these people, I may end up representing as council, so I can’t get into the details of all of this.”

Again Burkman seemingly tried to avoid answering my questions about Lorraine Parsons, but as you can see, he seemed to imply that he may represent Parsons in the future.

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Then I turned my attention to Mike Wilcox, who is the man who previously claimed to be from Surefire Intelligence and made veiled threats to Brian Krassenstein over the phone. I asked Burkman, “About Surefire, are you familiar with a man named Mike Wilcox?”

Burkman replied, “I can’t really comment on any of this stuff except to tell you I think it’s a good outfit.”

Later in an email Burkman told me he doesn’t know Mike Wilcox.

Yesterday Jack Burkman denied publicly, in the video by Alicia Powe, to knowing anything about Lorraine Parsons, or who she is.  Jacob Wohl claims that Parsons is likely a bogus persona created by Robert Mueller’s office or the mainstream media.  In these conversations though, Burkman not only refused to tell me that he didn’t know who Parsons was when I asked him the question several times, but he fumbled for answers and tied Lorraine Parsons to his Mueller investigation.

Additionally, Mike Wilcox, who claimed to be from Surefire Intelligence, admitted to us that he knew of Lorraine Parsons.

The dates as to when Carolyn(e) Cass allegedly approached Burkman and Surefire Intelligences also are not consistent.  In the documents released by Surefire Intelligence, it is stated that “On or about October 1, 2018 Carolyn Cass reached out to Surefire Intelligence regarding the possibility of investigating an incident of rape.”  However, in today’s press conference Jacob Wohl said, “She came to us September 15th.”

On October 23, Jack Burkman sent us an email stating “Just fyi, we now have one woman ready to go public — discussions ongoing with a second.  Many months of hard work have gone into this.”

If Cass only came forward on September 15 like Wohl claimed or on October 1 like the documents claim, this would imply that Wohl and Burkman were investigating sexual assault allegations against Mueller many months prior to this victim coming forward.

Ed Krassenstein’s Conversation with Jacob Wohl on October 23 and Thereafter

After having spoken with Jack Burkman who claimed that Jacob Wohl was behind Surefire Intelligence, I contacted Wohl via Twitter DM (DM’s seen below). In this conversation Wohl told me that he didn’t know who Surefire Intelligence was, and that he never heard of Mike Wilcox.

In today’s press conference Wohl claimed to have lied to the media in regards to his connections with Surefire Intelligence, because the “investigation was still in flux.”

I also asked Wohl about his links to Jack Burkman. He told me that he’s “run into Jack Burkman a few times at Trump meetups,” but left it at that. He then proceed to tell me that he is “not working on any Mueller investigation.”

As you can see, there are many inconsistencies with what Burkman and Wohl told Hill Reporter over the past two weeks, especially when you factor in their claims at today’s press conference.

The fact that Burkman claimed that Surefire Intelligence and Jacob Wohl’s “partners” have previously worked for President Trump, also is important to note.  If in fact Surefire Intelligence has links to the president, this story screams of continued attempts to obstruct the Mueller probe.  With that said, Burkman is a known conspiracy theorist and liar, so his statements should be viewed with a grain of salt, and there certainly isn’t any evidence out there to implicate the president himself.

Hill Reporter has confirmed that after the Special Counsel referred the alleged attempts to pay women to claim sexual misconduct by Robert Mueller to the FBI, the FBI has in fact begun interviewing multiple witnesses.


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