Jack Burkman, Jacob Wohl, Fundraising To Defend Derek Chauvin In George Floyd Killing

Jacob Wohl announced Friday that he’ll be raising funds to defend fired and arrested Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, after social pressure in protests and riots Thursday night. Chauvin can be seen in a viral video continuing to press his knee into George Floyd’s throat, for two minutes after Floyd appears to lose consciousness, and for at least seven minutes in total.

Wohl posted on the Parler social network Friday, where Right Wing Watch notes that he’s been relegated since being permanently kicked off Twitter. Saying that everyone deserves due process, the pair say they “plan to run a full court press effort to defend” Chauvin, who they call “a good and honorable man.” They say they’re seeding the fund themselves with an initial $25k. In a separate post, Wohl claims to be privy to inside information showing that Floyd died due to a preexisting condition — rather than 7 minutes of having his throat knelt on — and that this was the reason officers hadn’t been arrested.

Of course, at this point, former officer Chauvin has been arrested and charged.

Chauvin’s history on the police force includes a long list of complaints, and two shootings. One of these resulted in a death, and in the other, the details leading up to the then-officer shooting a man in the stomach are disputed.

As Floyd died, he begged for his life, repeatedly telling the officer he couldn’t breathe. Charges are expected for the other three officers present and involved in the attempted arrest that cost George Floyd his life.

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