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Jack Burkman, Jacob Wohl, Accused Of Faking FBI Raid On Burkman’s Home

Jack Burkman, Jacob Wohl, Accused Of Faking FBI Raid On Burkman’s Home

jack burkman fbi raid

Jack Burkman, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who, along with fellow conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl, has been linked to various schemes and misinformation campaigns, says that his home was raided by the FBI Monday morning. He and Wohl say that agents confiscated computers, cell phones, and paper documents. However, the ‘raid’ has now been linked to a Craigslist ad seeking actors to play FBI agents.

jack burkman fbi raid
[Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman claimed that federal agents raided Burkman’s home without giving any indication of what they were looking for, taking away computers, cell phones, and paper documents. Washington Post, in early hours before the reporter noted that the raid was likely faked, pointed out that the pair are linked to false accusations and smear campaigns against a number of people, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Anthony Fauci, Robert Mueller, and Pete Buttigieg. They have allegedly paid a number of individuals to level false allegations against these public figures.

They’ve also been accused of disseminating misinformation about Democratic political candidates for the purpose of skewing political gambling games.

That’s only a fraction of the scams and scandals the two have been linked to this year alone — then there’s the alleged voter suppression campaign, an investigation into possible financial crimes by Wohl’s hedge fund, and a really strange attempt to fake a video interview accusing Joe Scarborough of murder.

Despite Burkman’s and Wohl’s initial claims that they had no idea what the alleged raid was about, around noon Wohl posted on Parler to level accusations against James Mattis and suggest that the FBI was investigating them as a cover-up.

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl accuse Jim Mattis
[Screenshot via Jacob Wohl/Parler]

He had tweeted days before to accuse Mattis of being connected to the Theranos case, with no evidence offered except a press release from ‘Project 1599’ claiming that unnamed documents had been discovered. Project 1599 is Burkman and Wohl’s own conspiracy-spreading agency.

However, it soon surfaced that the pair had been seeking actors to play fake FBI agents. The Daily Beast reported that a hopeful actor responding to a Craigslist ad for FBI agents for a television pilot found Jacob Wohl behind the ad instead.

Tommy Abraham told The Daily Beast in an interview on Monday that the Craigslist ad offered $400 cash payments to white male actors who agreed to don FBI badges and windbreakers and film a series of scenes at Burkman’s home in Arlington, Virginia. In the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning, Abraham said that he and a handful of others who responded to the ad converged on Burkman’s home and were filmed acting out an FBI raid there.

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Though Wohl’s Parler post cited tweets from Bev Donahue showing video of the raid, the Daily Beast reports that this is just another of Wohl’s online pseudonyms.


Aside from staging a faked FBI raid in order to feign a government cover-up of their latest series of unsupported allegations against a public figure, the pair reportedly failed to even pay their hired actors the promised $400 fee at the end of the job, instead telling them to email Burkman for their pay later.

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