Ivanka Trump was Highly Involved in Multiple Trump Deals, According to Author of Trump Memoir

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Many people look at the Trump family businesses and see President Trump at the top of the hierarchy, with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump directly under him. Ivanka and Melania are sort of viewed as outsiders, with perhaps moderate interest in the businesses but without major roles in their daily activities or negotiations.  This, according to Nina Burleigh, the author of the Trump memoir, ‘Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,’ is not actually the case.

Last week, Burleigh was a guest on the latest episode of KrassenCastEpisode 7 : Donald Trump’s History With Women & QAnon’s Troll Against Us Fails Miserably,’ where she discussed Donald Trump and his various relationships with the women in his life, including his oftentimes odd relationship with his daughter Ivanka.  KrassenCast is now available on iTunes and Youtube.

“Ivanka was in these deals in Baku, the Moscow deal, Soho Hotel and Panama deals,” Burleigh told KrassenCast. “She was involved and she was there. She was at the table. One of my sources, who is a money laundering expert, told me when she was in the room at a deal table, these guys, whether they be the mamadovs of Azerbaijan, the fugitive money launderer dudes down in Panama, or any of these other sort of sketchy characters, these people looked at her and what they saw was, ‘I’m Donald Trump and I approve of this.’ So she was not just accidentally there just having fun. She was really a participant.”

Burleigh believes that Ivanka was highly involved in many of Trump’s business deals, which could result in criminal liability if any of Trump’s businesses face criminal scrutiny.  She also believes that this is why Trump and Giuliani seem to have set a line in the sand and put Ivanka on the other side of that line when it comes to potential investigations.

“She is the surrogate for Donald in all of these deals,” Burleigh explained. So she can’t be separated from them. And that is why Giuliani went on the warpath when there was some suggestion that Ivanka might get hauled in. Giuliani said, ‘you know, that’s the red line.'”

Burleigh scoffs at the idea that Donald has some sort of sexual attraction to his daughter, like Trump is oftentimes mocked for.  She believes Donald looks at her with pride because he sees her as his own creation.

“My take on the Donald – Ivanka relationship is that the highest praise that he can give a woman is you’re so hot baby,” Burleigh tells KrassenCast. “That’s how he looks at most women and Ivanka, his daughter, is his greatest creation in his view. She is a sort of narcissistic extension of himself, and I think that when he says things like ‘my daughter is so hot, wouldn’t you want to be dating her?’ I think he’s just sort of carrying on in that vein because he thinks of her as his greatest creation. I think that she is definitely sexualized, but that’s because that’s what Trump does to women.”

Burleigh’s book, which delves much further into Trump’s relationships with women, is now available on Amazon. The entire 30-minute interview of Burleigh can be heard on Episode 7 of KrassenCast, now available on iTunes and Youtube, and in the video below:

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes and Youtube.

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 06: President Donald Trump shakes the hand of his daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump during a meeting with the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board inside the State Dining Room of the White House on March 6, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images)

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