Ivanka Trump Tweets Her Dad On Mt. Rushmore — Twitter Users Have Other Ideas For Him

Donald Trump reportedly has fantasies of being added to Mount Rushmore. His daughter Ivanka indulged this on Monday by tweeting a photo from the president’s July trip to the monument — it’s the photo angled so that it gives the appearance of adding the president to the mountain. However, the general public wasn’t having it.

Ivanka tweets Trump on Rushmore -- Twitter is not having it.
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

Ivanka’s photo tweet appears to place Trump alongside Abraham Lincoln — a notion that might be appealing to Trump, but is repulsive and offensive to much of the nation. It’s just one of several similar shots Trump posed for on the same trip.

However, the Twitterverse was quick to offer alternative suggestions, including Trump’s portrait on toilet paper, and an alternate Mount Rushmore for presidents who thrive on alternate facts, or substituting a different image in place of Trump’s face.

Prison was floated as an option for a new location for Trump, as was a garbage truck.

Quite a few referenced the fact that Mount Rushmore was known as The Six Grandfathers by the Lakota Sioux before being co-opted for the patriotic display.

Plenty of people pointed out that, unlike the other U.S. Presidents carved in stone, Trump lost his election when campaigning for a second term (and lost the popular vote both times that he ran) and that his legacy is a far cry from that of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Theodore Roosevelt.

Donald Trump may have been due for an ego soothing, with the election over, all his lawsuits failing miserably, and the electoral vote only a week away. Still, if Ivanka was hoping to butter him up with this tweet, she’ll need to make sure he doesn’t see any of the responses.

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