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Ivanka Trump is ‘holding back the women she hopes to empower’ Says Jezebel’s Prachi Gupta

Ivanka Trump is ‘holding back the women she hopes to empower’ Says Jezebel’s Prachi Gupta

Returning from a trip to Africa as part of the White House’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, White House adviser and daughter to the president Ivanka Trump wrote an op-ed for CNN in which she recounts her mission to “empower” women on the continent.

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump greets cell site workers ahead of President Donald Trump’s remarks on 5G deployment in the United States on April 12, 2019 inside the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC. Trump discussed plans to build out a nationalized 5G network with plans to invest $20 billion improving broadband access. (Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for the so-called “first daughter,” not everyone sees her work as empowering to women around the world.

Prachi Gupta, a senior reporter at Jezebel, wrote an op-ed of her own entitled “Maybe Don’t Let Ivanka Trump Write Op-Eds About How To Empower Women.” The article chastised Ivanka Trump for working with an administration that has done plenty of harm to women around the world, in Gupta’s point-of-view.

Gupta cites, for example, that a Trump administration executive order, shortly after President Donald Trump took office, curtailed aid to any international organization that provided, supported, or even dared to offer information about abortion services to women in need. The “gag” order, Gupta wrote, was extremely prohibitive to organizations that did important work, especially in rural areas where access to care is limited.

The executive order meant “that women [in these areas] can’t access contraception or get basic medical care because the clinic also provides patients with information about abortion services,” Gupta said. “Clinics that have refused to comply with rules that lead to suboptimal care have been forced to close locations, leaving some areas with severely limited access.”

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In another example, Gupta pointed out in her opinion piece a more recent sin of the Trump administration — opposition to a United Nations resolution that would have condemned the use of rape as a weapon of war, again due to language that would encourage women to gain support from family planning clinics if they were victims of such atrocities. The UN eventually passed a watered-down version of the resolution due to threats from the U.S., China, and Russia on those matters, per reporting from The Guardian.

Gupta blasted the president’s daughter for her association with this White House and its cruel actions to women around the world.

“Ivanka’s op-ed omits the fact that the policies that she and her administration enforce are holding back the very women she hopes to empower,” Gupta concluded. “Like her empty-calorie feminism, it sounds nice, but ultimately means nothing. Why let her pretend otherwise?”

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