Ivanka Trump Cancels Monday Georgia Campaign Events to “Focus on Stimulus Bill”

There is a looming special election in Georgia that will determine control of the senate. Donald Trump, though, seemingly could care less about who wins. The president is still upset that the state wouldn’t overturn their elections results. He is so angry about Georgia that he decided not to make a planned weekend trip there.

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[Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images]
Donald Trump’s kids and their spouses, however, are angling for careers in politics. Lara Trump wants to run for a North Carolina senate seat. Donald Trump Jr. wanted to chair the RNC. And Ivanka Trump is currently in Georgia to campaign for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The first daughter, though, cancelled her campaigning on Monday so that she could “focus on the stimulus bill.”

Ivanka Trump tweeted this afternoon, “Excited to be in Fulton Cty, GA this AM for an Early Voting event with David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Due to the COVID relief vote today, we’ll be postponing the rest of today’s events. We must focus on what’s most important- support for hard working Americans. Relief is on the way!”

For months, Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, have pushed against a stimulus to help American workers. But the GOP is hoping the issue might help them in Georgia.

Journalist Judd Legum tweeted on Monday, “McConnell slow-rolled and obstructed additional stimulus for MONTHS. Why is he interested in a deal now? Because the lack of action is hurting Loeffler and Perdue. It’s about POWER not PEOPLE.”


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