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Ivanka Torched for Crediting Daddy With Vaccine Progress

Ivanka Torched for Crediting Daddy With Vaccine Progress

Clearly she didn’t think this through. Shortly after Moderna announced its coronavirus vaccine had achieved almost 95 percent efficacy in early trials, Ivanka Trump jumped on Twitter to lavish praise for its development on her father.

Her tweet claims Donald Trump and “Operation Warp Speed” are to be congratulated for development of the vaccine.

She immediately got torched for claiming that her father deserves credit for development of a vaccine to combat the deadly virus that he, his family and administration have failed to control. Here’s one of the more alliterative responses:

“This has as much to do with your flaccid fascist failure of a father as you had to do with those shoe designs you stole.”

And like her father, the first daughter didn’t bother fact-checking herself before posting a follow-up tweet:

“Fact check: This Moderna /NIH vaccine is literally the one that President @realDonaldTrump partnered with Moderna to create on January 13, 2020… I repeat January 13th, 2020.”

Apparently that’s not exactly true. Moderna and its COVID-19 vaccine development effort did not become part of Operation Warp Speed until mid-April, four months after she claimed.

Others noted her preposterous timeline:

“So he knew in January that we needed a vaccine? And yet he ran around calling it a hoax and the flu? He still won’t wear a mask and discourages Americans from following public health mandates? He held super spreader events all around the nation? He intends to kill us?”

Someone else wondered if, given her father’s declaration last week, “Will New York get the vaccine princess?” and accompanied the question with an image of the Lincoln Project Times Square billboards.

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