Ivanka Continues Tone Deaf Twitter Run

Soon-to-be ex-first daughter Ivanka Trump on Tuesday continued her almost record-breaking tone-deaf run on Twitter. First she thought it wise to tweet that “greenhouse gases generated by the U.S. will slide 9.2% this, tumbling to the lowest level in at least three decades.”

It appears she was catching up on her reading Tuesday and was citing a BloombergNEF study reported by The Washington Post on Nov. 19. Clearly she didn’t read the second or third paragraphs of the article, which blame the economy wrecked by her father’s inept response to the coronavirus pandemic as the reason for the air getting cleaner.

“Battered by the coronavirus pandemic, the stalled economy is projected to have generated 5.9 billion metric tons of emissions, about the same level as 1983, according to the private research organization.” The report noted that “as a result, the United States has been inadvertently pushed back on track to meet the commitments the Obama administration made at the Paris climate agreement.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper and others on Twitter took note.

Less than an hour later Ivanka was then crowing about the Dow Jones Industrial Average soaring above the 30,000 mark for the first time ever. She appeared to intimating that her father Donald Trump had something to do with it.

But as The Associated Press reported, stocks went through the roof Tuesday morning in spite of – not because of – her father: “The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 30,000 points for the first time Tuesday as investors were encouraged by the latest progress on developing coronavirus vaccines and news that the transition of power in the U.S. to President-elect Joe Biden will finally begin. Traders were also encouraged by news that Biden had selected Janet Yellen, a widely respected former Federal Reserve chair, as treasury secretary.”

One has to wonder if she ever reads the replies to her tweets.

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