“It’s Trump Or Death,” Says Right-Wing Commentator Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein warned viewers this week that they must support Donald Trump in the upcoming election, because the alternative is death. While the right-wing commentator insisted that this was not a slogan or hashtag to sell t-shirts and hats, a hashtag and ad for #Trumpordeath t-shirts and hats scrolled at the bottom of the screen.

Josh Bernstein says Trump or death
[Screenshot via Josh Bernstein Show/YouTube]

Right-Wing Watch caught a concerning clip from the episode of The Josh Bernstein Show uploaded to YouTube on Thursday. In it, Josh Bernstein declares that in this election, there are two choices: Donald Trump, or death. He says that we are at war, and that the unnamed enemy doesn’t just want a political win, but to “kill us.” Though he never explicitly identifies “us” and “them,” he makes it clear his support is for Trump, and that he percieves anti-racist movements as the problem.

2020 is whether or not America lives or dies. Okay? Truly, that’s what it is. It is Trump or death. I can’t say it any clearer than that. I don’t do it as a slogan, I don’t do it as a hashtag, I don’t do it as t-shirts and hats, or anything like that. I do it from the heart. And I’m telling you folks, that this is what this election is about.

With ironic timing, a hashtag #Trumpordeath and an ad for t-shirts and hats in Bernstein’s online store scroll as he assures his viewers this isn’t about t-shirts, hats, or hashtags.

In the full episode, Bernstein opens by referring to what he calls the “pro-Black, anti-white thugs of Black Lies Matter,” presenting a banner referring to “Black Lies Matter” (that’s not a typo; Bernstein distorts the name to imply that the movement is dishonest) as “Thugs R Us,” before mislabeling the movement as an organization and declaring that it’s run by devil worshippers. He goes on to claim that Black Lives Matter has a “stated goal,” which he insists is presented on their website, to take Black fathers out of jail and allow them to riot and kill. It’s not clear what websites Bernstein is looking at, but a site for the Black Lives Matter Global Movement doesn’t reflect his claims at all.

He refers to George Floyd as “you-know-who” and asserts that Floyd died from fentanyl. After his “Trump or death” rant, maintains that there are people out to kill “us” by “infiltrating our neighborhoods with low-income housing,” and assured viewers that they can help in three ways: by voting for Donald Trump, of course, but also by sharing Bernstein’s videos and donating to his Patreon account.

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