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It’s Trump Discrimination: Former Top White Lawyers Whine That They Can’t Get Jobs

It’s Trump Discrimination: Former Top White Lawyers Whine That They Can’t Get Jobs

When Donald Trump first took office, he had trouble finding qualified people who wanted to work in his administration. It shouldn’t have been that hard. Working for the president would be a career highlight in many fields. But Trump was a controversial and temperamental boss, so many decided to pass.

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The people who dd choose to work in the Trump administration are now seeing the consequences of their actions. Many cannot find employment. A number of top Trump lawyers recently complained that they can’t land jobs and whined that it amounts to discrimination.

Ken Cuccinelli, at one time the Attorney General of Virginia, worked for Trump in the Department of Homeland security. He recently lamented about his lack of job offers to Bloomberg. He said that he lost a recent opportunity because the employer, “decided they didn’t want Trump people. It was just flat out—you can call it Trump discrimination.”

The former de facto Homeland Security Director continued, “I don’t think anyone coming out of the George W. Bush administration was told, ‘We can’t hire this person.’ I’m sure Jan. 6 made it that much worse than it ever would have been.”

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The report also notes, “Former Attorney General William Barr, former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, former U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and former White House counsel Pat Cipollone are among those who still haven’t found full time jobs.”


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