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It’s “Reasonably Likely” Trump Will be Indicted After Leaving Office – Former SDNY Attorney Says

It’s “Reasonably Likely” Trump Will be Indicted After Leaving Office – Former SDNY Attorney Says

Preet Bharara was seen as a crusader during his term as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. The prosecutor was celebrated for his willingness to go after some of Wall Street’s most corrupt business people.

 Preet Bharara Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

When Donald Trump became president, however, he removed Bharara from his position after initially asking his to stay. The former lawyer now hosts a podcast and appears regularly on cable news. During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, he said that he believes the president will be indicted after leaving office.

The Daily Beast’s, Scott Porch, asked Bharara about the odds of Trump being indicted. The former prosecutor replied:

“I don’t know. My former office clearly endorses and believes the fact—as Michael Cohen admitted in open court—that he engaged in the conduct he pleaded guilty to at the direction of Individual 1. Individual 1 is the president. Depending on what the other circumstances are, I believe there’s a reasonable likelihood that they would follow through on that. There’s a difference, though, between accepting a guilty plea from Michael Cohen and going to trial on the strength of that same witness after he’s gone to prison for lying.”

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Bharara also discussed other strange interactions with the president including the time Trump asked for his cell phone number. “He called me three times, and the third time I didn’t call him back,” the former US Attorney said. “He never said anything untoward or asked me to bring a case or not bring a case, but he seemed to want to cultivate some relationship, to have someone in a spot to be helpful to him.”

The former prosecutor will discuss Trump and other experiences as US Attorney in his new book, Doing Justice.

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