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It’s Only ‘Cancel Culture’ When It Happens To Republicans, Candace Owens Explains

It’s Only ‘Cancel Culture’ When It Happens To Republicans, Candace Owens Explains

While Republicans decry what they call ‘cancel culture,’ many of them are quick to call for boycotts or deplatforming of those outside their party. When Candace Owens got called out for this, she had a ready explanation: it’s not cancel culture when she does it.

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So, what’s cancel culture? Right-wing politicians and pundits have attached the term to a wide range of cases where someone has faced consequences for bad behavior — such as Josh Hawley losing a book deal because he supported insurrectionists, or Donald Trump being kicked off Twitter for inciting the attack on the Capitol.

Of course, it’s not just conservatives whose past behavior results in consequences. Target just pulled a line of cookware associated with Chrissy Teigen, and though TMZ reports that this was a standing agreement, several media outlets are connecting it to Teigen being accused of online bullying.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens celebrated this Friday in a tweet, saying that Target dropping Teigen’s cookware is a good start.

Called out for seeming to celebrate cancel culture, Owens was quick with a retort, sharing a tweet from another conservative media figure, Ben Kew.

“For me, “cancel culture” is when someone is unfairly targeted and ostracized for a minor indiscretion, normally for expressing a conservative or libertarian viewpoint,” Kew explained, comparing this to Teigen, who is accused of online bullying and encouraging other women to harm or kill themselves.

Notably, various people whose consequences (actual or hypothetical) have been labeled ‘cancel culture’ by the right have done far more than “minor indiscretions” or “expressing a viewpoint.”

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For example, Owens recently defended Matt Gaetz, saying he shouldn’t be ‘canceled’ for allegedly engaging in crimes with Joel Greenberg, including sex trafficking a minor.

Of course, the above-mentioned examples, Hawley and Trump, among others, promoting election lies that resulted in an attack on Congress and death threats to Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, have been touted as ‘cancel culture,’ with Hawley in particular often appearing on media programs to complain that the media is silencing him.

However, another clause in Owens and Kew’s claim stands out — “normally for expressing a conservative of libertarian viewpoint.”

Conservatives wanted football players punished for kneeling (expressing an anti-racist or liberal viewpoint), but don’t appear to see that as ‘cancel culture.’ The term only seems to come up when the person facing consequences for bad (or perceived as bad) behavior is on the right.

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