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It’s Official: Donald Trump Wins ‘Biggest Loser’ For 2020

It’s Official: Donald Trump Wins ‘Biggest Loser’ For 2020

Sad Trump Biggest loser

Donald Trump has a history as a reality star, but in 2020, he earned a new title: Biggest Loser. Nobody has lost so many times in the same election — many people are saying so. Unfortunately, ‘reality,’ outside of the television definition, is something Trump has a hard time coping with, it turns out.

Sad Trump Biggest loser
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Texas — that is, the lawsuit that Texas took to the Supreme Court, challenging the election outcome in other states (only those where Joe Biden won though) — was supposed to be Trump’s big win. He declared it on Twitter, after SCOTUS turned down another election case.


Trump insisted the Pennsylvania case didn’t matter, because Texas was the one he would be joining — the one where, he claimed, “all criteria met.” “This is a big one,” he tweeted. When other states joined the case, he crowed and preened.



Then, the Supreme Court, the bench to which he has appointed three Justices, turned him down flat. The court refused to hear the case, saying that Texas has no standing.

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Trump stacked the court, pushed through a Justice whose past resulted in hearings to determine whether it would even be appropriate to seat him, and another in the last weeks running up to the election, despite being urged to wait and let Americans decide, at the ballot box who would pick the next Justice.

Trump believed that the Supreme Court would be essential to his ability to remain in office — he admitted as much. Then, after all of that, the Supreme Court turned him down and sided with the voters.

Trump didn’t win the election. He didn’t win any of the court cases filed to overturn the results. He didn’t even win Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Instead, he won one title this year: Biggest loser in America.

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