It’s Not Just Federal Workers Affected by Trump’s Shutdown: These #ShutdownStories are frightening & sad

Trump owned this government shutdown.  He specifically took the blame for it before it happened, and then he sought to point fingers at others after it became a reality.  Now, with Christmas a day away, many federal employees are clueless as to when they will receive their next paycheck.

While most employees likely did not miss out on a paycheck yet, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t affecting their ability to buy gifts for their loved ones.  With no end in sight, many Americans simply don’t know how long they will need to survive off of their last paycheck.  It could be days or even weeks.  Rent becomes due, bills require payment and emergencies happen.  Without the certainty of a paycheck coming in, many families had to go light or even skip out on last-minute gifts this year.

That’s not all though. This shutdown has somewhat of a trickle-down effect, one that is affecting many people who don’t even work for the government.

Federal Employees, and just everyday Americans, have been telling their stories on Twitter and other social media outlets since Trump decided to shut down the government last week.  Here are a few of the instances where people and their families have been affected by this Christmas shutdown. Not all of them are even Government employees, but the effects seem to be trickling down.

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