‘It’s Like Trump’s Tweet Was Written by Putin’ Says CNN Analyst Samantha Vinograd

Last night, news broke of a FBI Investigation into whether President Donald Trump was a Russian asset. The probe sought to uncover if Trump, wittingly or unwittingly was working to advance Russian interests.


Trump responded to the allegations during a tweetstorm on Saturday morning. He wrote, “I have been FAR tougher on Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton. Maybe tougher than any other President. At the same time, & as I have often said, getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. I fully expect that someday we will have good relations with Russia again!”

CNN Analyst Samantha Vinograd took issue with the tweet, saying, “The president’s tweet trying to make the case that he’s not a Russian asset really just undercuts his own case. The president’s tweet couldn’t have been scripted better if it was written by Putin himself.”

“Someone has to have told the president that undercutting the FBI, insulting past presidents and other members of the US Government and criticizing the actions to keep us safe is really advancing the Russian mission,” she added.

The tweet comes off as contradictory. On one hand, Trump claims to have punished Russia while also promoting a strong relationship with the Kremlin.

The segment ends with Vinograd asking, “Is he trying to obstruct justice and thwart an investigation that may still be ongoing? Or is he just so manipulated by Russia that he can’t see past his own ego to let the law enforcement community protect us?”

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