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‘It’s like Trump was another Human Being’ Says 2020 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

‘It’s like Trump was another Human Being’ Says 2020 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – MAY 19: Marianne Williamson speaks at a campaign rally at Saban Theatre on May 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Brian and Ed Krassenstein interviewed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on their podcast, KrassenCast. The interview was a screed on what Williamson believes is owed to those who are victims of America’s past and present legacy of race-based discrimination.

Williamson talks about the ideas behind things like reparations for the descendants of slaves, and the systemic racism that is a part of that legacy. She speaks of how the Civil Rights Act dismantled legal segregation, but did nothing to stem the tide of the social ills that are a part of the aforementioned legacy. She says of the idea of reparations:

“It is an acknowledgment of a wrong done, and of a debt owed.”

When asked if Trump caused some of the issues with racial disparities that America is facing right now, Williamson says:

“Well, of course I would, but then there were also problems that predated Trump in mass incarceration, predated Trump racial disparity. And Quinn and criminal sentencing, predated Trump. So he has taken advantage of some of our most base instincts to be sure. And he has certainly exacerbated an already terrible situation and several of them in many ways. However, racial tension and the need to address the issue of race at a much deeper level. This was, this predated this presidency.”

“I want to help the United States paved the way to a brilliant future. ”

“And you cannot have that unless you’re willing to clean up the past. My whole campaign is about America having a deep and honest conversation about itself. We need to stop with the superficial look at who we are. We need to take a deep and honest look at who we are in order to transform that same psychological and emotional principle that prevails within the journey. And then individual prevails within the journey of a nation.”

“Because all that, a nation is a group of people. Now, racism is America’s initial and, uh, original character defect. Differently than an individual cannot have, an unlimited future if you’re not willing to clean up the past. I don’t think that the average American is a racist. That’s not my experience. That is not my belief. But I do think the average American is woefully undereducated about the history of the United States.”

Whether or not Williamson is solid on Americans’ education remains to be seen. However, she also has an opinion on Trump’s ideas with regards to race:

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“There are all kinds of interviews with him from the 1980s, where it was like he was another human being, and a human being, who I certainly would not have voted for for president, but someone who I would not have expected to be who he is now.”

The Krassensteins pointed out that Trump’s actions now are not about America, but are about who he is now.

Whatever one thinks of Marianne Williamson’s progressive ideas regarding reparations and racial dynamics of American society, this interview certainly gives American citizens something to think of, and should be heard.

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play. Listen to the KrassenCast interview below:

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