‘It’s a Very Destructive Lifestyle’: Right-Wing Panel Goes on Stupid, 1950s-Era Anti-LGBTQ Rant

Right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack, who is a religious bigot and an outspoken homophobe, catapulted himself and his nearly-extinct viewers back into the 1950s on Monday night’s episode of his Truth & Liberty Livecast when he decided that he was qualified to deliver a lecture on the “very destructive lifestyles” led by “the homosexual.”


But first, Wommack’s distinguished guest – the über-conservative activist and absolute gem of a human being Janet Porter – shared her enlightened opinion on transgender California Republican gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner by misgendering her and projecting a dark fantasy about Jenner ending her own life.

“I’m praying for Bruce Jenner, who goes by ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner. I’m praying against the suicidal – the suicide that happens with people that engage in this kind of thing. It’s really – it’s really very, very sad when you think about it,” Porter said.

Her lips were still moving when Wommack – beaming with unwarranted validation – launched into his discontinued civics lesson.

“Homosexuals have like three times as much suicide as heterosexuals, and then you go into transgenders, and it just continues to go up,” Wommack replied. “It’s a very destructive lifestyle. They have 20 years less that the homosexual lives than a heterosexual. And, you know, cigarettes take an average of seven years off of a person’s life, so homosexuality is three times worse than smoking. We ought to put a label across their forehead, ‘This can be hazardous to your health.’”

Shall we compare photos of Pride parades and Trump rallies?

Identifying as LGBTQ in and of itself is not the primary reason suicide rates are so disquietingly high among those populations. The carefully-crafted language which Christian extremists employ to create the illusion that defining a person’s sexual identity as a “sin” is a form of “love” is a particularly insidious form of gaslighting. And the relentless social stigmas, heteronormative expectations, and lifetimes of trauma inflected by people like Wommack and Porter have devastating consequences that often never go away.

Thankfully, however, the faithful fascists’ bygone hatred is in its death throes.

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