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‘It’s A Sign’ — Teams Do Better When Fans Boo Trump, Former Clinton Campaign Aide Notes

‘It’s A Sign’ — Teams Do Better When Fans Boo Trump, Former Clinton Campaign Aide Notes

President Donald Trump has attended a number of sporting events over the past couple of weeks. His attendance — and fans’ reactions to his being there — may cause some to wonder whether boos or cheers for him have any effect on the final outcomes of the games he’s at.

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Okay, in reality, it’s not likely that how fans react to Trump weighs in on whether a team will win or lose. But in the hyper-superstitious world of sports, it’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

When Trump attended a World Series game for the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, fans in D.C. booed him. When he attended an Alabama-LSU college football game this past weekend, he was greeted by cheers from thousands of fans.

The Nationals ended up winning the World Series. The Crimson Tide ended up losing their first home game in the past 31 contests held in Tuscaloosa.

It was something that was noticed by a former aide to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 election campaign, and current President and CEO of the Center for American Progress Neera Tanden, who tweeted out the glaring stat to her followers on Sunday.

“The Nationals fans boo Trump and win the World Series. Alabama fans cheer Trump and lose the first home game in 31 games. It’s a sign,” Tanden pointed out.

Again, it’s unlikely that the booing actually had anything to do with the outcome of either the World Series or the Alabama game (even the stabbing of a Trump Baby balloon by a Trump fan likely didn’t create “bad mojo” for the Crimson Tide on Saturday).

Still, for sports fans, it’s likely to be on people’s minds — players in baseball, after all, kick dirt on the area where they spit, and football players often rely on “special” shoes they always wear to every game. Who’s really to say that booing the president doesn’t bring along with it a little something extra when it comes to helping the home team?

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