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It Wasn’t A Compliment — Donald Trump Boosts Bob Woodward Story Describing Failed Coup

It Wasn’t A Compliment — Donald Trump Boosts Bob Woodward Story Describing Failed Coup

During Donald Trump’s tweeting days, there were times when he quickly retweeted something he may have assumed was praise, only to be mocked and ridiculed as everyone else realized that the tweets were actually critical. Now, the former president can’t tweet, but he’s made the same gaffe in one of his official statements released through a spokesperson.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – JULY 24: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the Rally To Protect Our Elections conference on July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix-based political organization Turning Point Action hosted former President Donald Trump alongside GOP Arizona candidates who have begun candidacy for government elected roles. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Trump loves praise, and is always quick to let his fans know when someone is heaping it on him. This has resulted in some mix-ups when he has shared words from a critic that he perhaps misunderstood as being positive. Some of the most notable examples are the time that a tweet calling him “dumb, sloppy, and moist” spent some time on his feed, and the time that he shared a tweet with a photo of himself and a mention of the phrase “not fat” — without apparently reading further for context.

Now a new statement, tweeted out by his spokesperson and Twitter surrogate Liz Harrington, Trump directs his fans to an MSN link and by extension, a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Once again, it’s not as flattering as he may think.

The MSN link, carrying a Newsweek article, centers on some things that Woodward said about Trump’s post-ouster behavior and impact, specifically that his constant campaigning has kept him an active force in the Republican Party.

However, Trump may have zeroed in on the headline:

Bob Woodward Says He’s Never Seen a Former President With as Much Political Strength as Trump

Trump’s continued impact on the Republican Party has been widely discussed, and isn’t automatically an endorsement. In this case, Woodward was not being flattering.

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“What’s going on now really is an iron curtain of obedience to Trump. It’s not just polite deference, it is obedience.”

Further, the article goes on to mention the content of Woodward’s book, specifically referencing Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Woodward himself described, in a Washington Post interview, Trump’s behavior in his last months in office as “a national security emergency” and addresses the abuse of political power to try to influence Mike Pence, as Vice President, to fail in his Constitutional duty by enabling that coup.

A simple recognition of Trump’s power over the Republican Party — especially coupled with warnings about the potential harm to the country — isn’t inherently praise, even if the former president reads it that way himself.

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