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Is Trump Rattled By Impeachment Inquiry? President Reportedly Calls Mitch McConnell 3 Times Per Day

Is Trump Rattled By Impeachment Inquiry? President Reportedly Calls Mitch McConnell 3 Times Per Day

Is President Donald Trump getting nervous about the impeachment inquiry? According to reports, the president is leaning heavily on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to make sure Republican lawmakers in that chamber stay in line.

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The Independent reports that Trump is calling McConnell up to three times per day as of late, doing so in order to ratchet up support from Republicans during the impeachment inquiry led by Democrats in the House. Trump is also warning McConnell that any Republicans who don’t follow-up on supporting him will face his wrath, an anonymous source familiar with the situation detailed.

There’s already proof that Trump intends to attack members of his own party if they don’t back him up. After Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) criticized Trump for asking China to investigate political rival Joe Biden (following allegations he did the same thing with Ukraine, per a whistleblower’s complaint), Trump lashed out at Romney, calling him a “pompous ass” on Twitter later on, Deseret News reported.

The anonymous source also suggested that McConnell was sharing details about Trump’s calls to him (including the frequency) with a small number of Republican lawmakers — a claim that McConnell spokesman Doug Andres denied.

“This story, based on a single anonymous source, is categorically false. Leader McConnell never said anything like this,” Andres explained, per reporting from CNN.

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Trump is demonstrating possible anxiety in another way, however: his use of social media has gone up significantly, previous reporting from HillReporter.com pointed out. Trump tweeted 790 times in September, a record for a single month, while also tweeting 240 tweets in the first week that the impeachment inquiry was announced by Democrats, amounting to 34 tweets per day.

According to the Trump Twitter Archive, Trump has continued to step up his social media game. From October 1 to October 8, Trump has sent out 272 tweets — again, amounting to 34 tweets per day.

For comparison, at this same time last year, Trump sent out just 65 tweets over the same eight-day period, or about 8 to 9 tweets per day.


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