“Is This An Outtake From Tropic Thunder?”: Twitter Drags Cruz & Others On Rio Grande Trip

Eighteen members of the GOP are at the Southern border to stage a whole bunch of photo ops meant to “shame the Biden Administration” into doing something about immigration while they had basically shined on a whole bunch of nothing during the previous administration. But fueled by a whole lot of fear and projection language, the group’s efforts are being shameless dragged on social media thanks to everything from their clothes to the walking human weak middle school production of “The Crucible” that is Ted Cruz (Q-TX).

Cruz in particular is drawing the most ire, mainly for just being Ted Cruz. But a poorly lit midnight video–during which he claimed he could see three “people smugglers” on the other side even though it was completely dark.

Ted Cruz accused Joe Biden of sanctioning lawless chaos on US-Mexico border

In recent weeks, thousands of migrants have been arriving at the US border with Mexico, many of them clearly inspired by the election of Joe Biden, and his decision to let the most vulnerable asylum-seekers wait in the US as their cases are heard, rather than in Mexico, as was the policy under Trump.

The surge in numbers has overwhelmed Border Patrol officials, who are currently caring for more than 5,000 unaccompanied minors. There are also many women, children, and family groups. Cruz had said he would lead a delegation to the border for Republicans to see the situation themselves. He claimed he wanted the media to accompany him, pointing out correctly that the media has, with one exception, not been granted access. Of course, he left out the fact that the Trump Administration wouldn’t let Senators have access, but Cruz was there to put on his show, and he certainly got called out for it.

Cue Twitter doing what Twitter does best.

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