Is It Possible Trump Doesn’t Leave Office if Defeated in 2020?

The race for the Democratic nomination has not only been fought hard by the candidates, it has also been hard fought by the supporters of each candidate. And in this fight there is an underlying fear of the nominee being defeated by Donald Trump. There are, however, many polls that not just one, but many of the potential candidates defeating the President in 2020.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Donald Trump is not in any way a traditional politician and doesn’t play by the classic rules. A recent column by The Atlantic’s Sarada Peri pondered the possibility that Trump loses the election, but refuses to leave office.

Peri, a former speech writer for Barack Obama titled the piece: Trump is Going to Cheat. She writes, “Should the lying and cheating fail — should the Democrat manage to win the 2020 election — Trump will have one more trick up his sleeve. Before the 2016 election, he suggested that he might not accept a defeat. So who’s to say that he will accept one in 2020?”

Trump has often talked about staying in office longer than 8 years. He also retweeted a message that stated that he should have an extra two years added to his term due to the Mueller investigation.

Peri continued:

“Democrats, meanwhile, are fighting about how aggressive to get on climate change or whether debt-free college should be means-tested — bless their hearts. These are worthy questions, but not the question of the moment: How should they fight against a president who has no moral or legal compass, and who will use the full might of the executive branch to win?”

You can read the entire piece here

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