Ironic Trump Tweet On Obama Responsibility Surfaces After Russian Bounty Intelligence

Social media users who keep a particular eye on politicians have developed a unique pastime over Donald Trump’s presidential term: finding old tweets in which he accuses President Barack Obama of, or criticizes him for, the same thing Trump is currently doing. Now, there’s a tweet to go with the Russian bounty scandal.

Donald Trump tweet on Obama responsibility
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

There’s a tweet for everything, the president’s critics on Twitter say. For example, while counting the frequency of Trump’s golf trips, Twitter users shared old tweets in which Trump criticized Obama for golfing, and said that if he was president, he would never play golf, but would be on the job all the time, instead.

Now, Trump is in the midst of another scandal. U.S. intelligence reportedly discovered evidence that Russia was placing bounties on the heads of U.S. troops, putting them at additional risk from Afghan militants. The New York Times reports that this was included in Trump’s briefings, although Trump is denying that he ever heard anything about it.

He’s been claiming that the intelligence wasn’t reported to him because it wasn’t found credible.

However, a resurfaced tweet from 2013 shows that Trump specifically criticized Obama for saying that he didn’t have information, saying that the president should take responsibility.

Georgetown law professor Carrie Cordero commented on the information Monday, saying that if Trump truly wasn’t briefed, his own actions in forcing out intelligence and national security advisors played a part.

According to Politico, House Democrats are getting a briefing today on the intelligence received, after being left out of a briefing for Republicans only on Monday. They hope to learn more details on the intelligence itself and the credibility thereof, and the truth of what the President knew, and why Congress was not also briefed.

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