Iowa Man Charged With Shooting Black Teenager Following December Trump Rally

By December of 2020, it was quite clear that Donald Trump had lost the election. His supporters, though, were not willing to accept the reality of the situation. There were, and still are, protests being held around the country.

Image Via Polk County Jail/Associated Press

Last month, Trump supporters in Des Moines, Iowa decided to hold a car rally to show their support for the president. A number of those supporters began arguing with a car load of teen girls. One of those men, Michael McKinney then fired at the car, striking one of the teenage girls in the leg. He is now being charged with attempted murder.

The Associated Press reported at the time:

“The teen driver’s mother said the girls argued with Trump supporters about politics and were subjected to racial slurs. Rallygoers blamed the teens for starting the confrontation, saying they were harassing and threatening the crowd. The girls’ car ended up surrounded by Trump supporters who were yelling and honking horns before the driver went in reverse and struck a pickup. It’s unclear whether the collision was accidental. McKinney told police he fired at that point to protect himself.”

McKinney is an Army veteran who was dressed in full tactical gear for the car rally. He has posted support for the Proud Boys on social media and has been critical of Black Lives Matter. If he convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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