International Students With Online Only Classes Will Be Deported This Fall by ICE

President Trump intends to use ICE to remove international students who only have online classes. The announcement comes at a time when the pandemic has caused campuses to move classes online. This will no doubt affect thousands of students. In the eyes of many Trump and the White House are announcing this move as a way to force universities to fully reopen their campuses despite the pandemic.

This is much like Trump inspiring his followers to protest state lockdown which eventually led to states reopening. This latest move raises concerns about coronavirus spreading on campuses across the nation much like the increase in cases in some states that reopened. Many also believe that Trump is weaponizing the pandemic against immigration. Many see Trump performing a brain drain as it seems he is removing immigrants who could actually enhance America.

This move would fall in line with many of Trump’s followers who believe immigration is a big problem in the United States. It seems that Trump will not succeed in building his wall since the Supreme Court has just ruled that he cannot use military funding for it, but Trump is finding different ways to keep his promise to his base. It is important for Trump to keep his base happy since he is losing parts of it like the elderly.

There is no doubt that many Americans will disagree with Trump’s decision and fight it. It will be interesting to see if the issue will end up in the Supreme Court. You can read the guidelines from ICE.

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