Insurrectionist Who Put His Feet Up on Pelosi’s Desk Had a Total Meltdown in Court Today

On January 6th, some Trump supporters entered the Capitol hoping to inflict violence on lawmakers and anyone who stood in their way. Many others, however, treated the riot like a jovial event, snapping pictures, smoking weed and stealing items.

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Richard “Bigo” Barnett became one of the most famous faces of the insurrection. He sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his feet up. He also stole an envelope and left a threatening note for the Speaker of the House.

Barnett, though, wasn’t quite so jovial today in a Washington DC courthouse. In fact, the Arkansas man had a total meltdown.

NBC’s Scott MacFarlane tweets, “WHOA: US Capitol defendant Richard Barnett — man accused of putting feet on Pelosi desk – is *screaming* at attorneys and judge during his court hearing right now. Upset he’s been locked up ‘for a whole month’… ‘it’s not fair’ Judge just recessed hearing for ‘5 mins.'”

Barnett did seem so bothered in the minutes after the insurrection. He gleefully told a reporter, “I didn’t steal it, (the envelope from the Speaker’s desk). I put a quarter [25c] on her desk, even though she ain’t f*cking worth it, and I left her a note on her desk that says, ‘Nancy, Bigo [his nickname] was here, you b*tch.”

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