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Insurrectionist House Republican Crashes School Board Meeting to Encourage Sedition

Insurrectionist House Republican Crashes School Board Meeting to Encourage Sedition

Freshman Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina showed up at a Henderson County School Board meeting on Monday night to rant and rave against mask mandates and instigate revolts against Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc/Getty Images

“Tyrants thrive when freedom is sacrificed on the altar of safety. Unbridled executives yearn for a fearful populace because power is found in fear. I believe that King George III would be immensely proud of Governor Roy Cooper. He’s running the state with an iron fist, liberty be damned,” Cawthorn – a childless college dropout who celebrated the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol – declared as he stumbled through prepared remarks.

Cooper has “ripped away your power and your will. No executive should undermine the foundations of our local government – you all. This School Board did the right thing by voting to stop Cooper’s mask mandates, but our tyrant governor decided that he was going to trample on this Board’s decision, flex his political muscle, and run rough-shot over the will of our local government of all of you sitting here,” said Cawthorn.

“We are here to tell him, ‘no more. You are not the king, we are not your subjects. We the people will not bow to you. We will not accept your edicts. North Carolinians have had enough,” he continued. “I give you my word I will work tirelessly to elected patriots across this state and we will put this self-appointed king back in his place. Once you’re in the governor’s place, it’ll be up to you to do the right thing for our students. Stop using my constituents’ children’s [sic] as political pawns. Educate them, don’t indoctrinate them. Stop forcing people to co-parent with the government. I urge you, do the right thing regardless of the backlash.”

According to the Henderson News-Times, a local newspaper, Cawthorn’s stunt failed, as the Board voted 6-1 to let the current mask mandate for staff, students, and visitors stand.

Watch below via Ron Filipkowski:

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