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Insiders Say Election Lawsuits Just Intended to Make Trump Feel Better

Insiders Say Election Lawsuits Just Intended to Make Trump Feel Better

The infighting and recriminations in Trump world have begun. Even as Donald Trump continues to publicly make false claims of voter fraud and that the election was “stolen” from him, many of the campaign staffers are now dealing with the reality that the president lost the election and that his legal challenge is just for show.

The vibe inside the White House and at Trump’s Arlington, Va., campaign headquarters is fatigue and disappointment.

“It’s a horrible feeling,” one Trump campaign aide told ABC News after the major networks called the race for Biden. Some staffers said they’d come to grips with losing in recent days. Others said it didn’t feel real until Fox News made the final call on Saturday.

There also is a growing sense that the flurry of lawsuits Trump’s legal advisers say they’re going to file on Monday aren’t so much about overturning the election results as much as they are about making Trump feel better about losing.

“The legal operation is designed for Trump to save face and ultimately give him the ability to say he didn’t lose the election fair and square,” one insider told The Washington Post. “So we’re going to roll with it.”

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ABC News is reporting there is internal bickering over the suits with some members of the president’s legal team feeling they are “pointless” and “meritless.” Sources said in particular former New York City Mayor Giuliani, who is now the president’s personal attorney, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s involvement should be seen as “the actions of Trump’s warriors who will do anything and ignore the obvious reality that this is over.”

Rudy Guiliani – Source: Gage Skimore

In one of the more bizarre Trump post-election scenes to date, Giuliani addressed the media Saturday afternoon in front of a Philadelphia landscaping company’s garage door in view of a crematorium and an adult entertainment shop named “Fantasy Island.” Looking up into the bright, clear blue autumn sky, Giuliani yelled that all of the TV networks who have called the race in favor of Joe Biden could be wrong.

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