Ingraham: Trump Understands the Pain of the Black Community Because of “Russiagate”

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, Donald Trump has attempted to connect with black Americans in his own special way. On Thursday, he sent out condolences for the family of Floyd and also promised that the FBI would investigate the matter. Following the protests, however, the President sent out a tweet promoting violence against looters.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Laura Ingraham, though, feels that the President has something in common with the protesters that they might now realize. According to the Fox News host, Trump can understand the pain of the black community as he, himself, was accused of colluding with Russia.

The controversial host began her rant by reprimanding the people of Minnesota for their protests. “Time and again, we see that the real change agents in America are those who stay in their communities and build them up, not burn them down, she remarked. “Rosa Parks is a beloved, global symbol of freedom and justice because of the determination and dignity with which she carried out her civil disobedience. Would burning a store had been more powerful and transformative? I don’t think so.”

Ingraham then made her startling comparison, “And to our African-American fellow citizens I say this: Given┬áhis own experience with an out-of-control FBI and unfair investigations, given all his work now on criminal justice reform, President Trump knows how poisonous an out-of-control law enforcement process can be. We should spend more time trying to work together to ensure we have a fair and just society.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters and Fox News:

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