Ingraham Tells Viewers: If Biden Wins, Democrats Will Destroy Our Country

Donald Trump’s political message has always been focused on the culture war between Democrats and Republicans. With his poll numbers in the gutter, though, the President has amped up this message and made it central to his campaign.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Trump campaign is getting help igniting the culture war from some of the more sycophantic hosts and Fox News. And none are more supportive of the President than Laura Ingraham. On Thursday night, the controversial host told her viewers that if Biden wins, he will destroy their way of life.

“They despise you, your patriotism, your churchgoing, your Judeo-Christian values, your belief in personal responsibility and a work ethic, your big families, your SUVs, your guns, all of it,” she began. “Because you represent the old America that they want to destroy, root and branch.”

Ingraham continued, “When they say ‘systemic racism,’ that means the system, the culture. It has to be taken down. It has to be eradicated and replaced by one that they create in the image of AOC and the squad. The party’s true thought leaders.”

The bombastic host finished with a warning for her viewers:

“So, on Election Day, we’re not voting to save Trump. He will be fine no matter what happens. We are voting to save ourselves, our families, our kids, our churches, our schools, our whole way of life. That system that they want to destroy is our country and our home.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News and Media Matters:

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