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Infowars Guest Calls Vaccinated People ‘Zombies Wandering Around With no Goals’

Infowars Guest Calls Vaccinated People ‘Zombies Wandering Around With no Goals’

Right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist Tony Spell joined Alex Jones on Infowars on Wednesday and complained that COVID-19 vaccines are causing the “de-masculinization of mankind” and that people who get the shots are “zombies wandering around with no goals.”

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This is certainly an ironic take, considering that The Alex Jones Show‘s primary audience has (consciously?) chosen to ignore scientific data and instead subscribe to baseless fearmongering and harmful medical misinformation.

“We have a command – not a suggestion, not even a recommendation – from God to resist and never comply. Daniel 11:32 says, ‘And such as do wickedly shall the Antichrist corrupt by flatteries.’ That word ‘flatteries’ means feminism, it means de-masculinization of mankind. That’s what the mask does. That’s what the vaccine does. That’s what complying with these inhumane, ungodly orders does,” Spell whined.

“You’re saying – you’re saying Satan conquers us by domesticating us and making us weak?” Jones growled.

Spell agreed by citing the Bible, although his argument made absolutely no sense.

“He does. That’s why Pharaoh said murder all the baby boys in Exodus 2. That’s why Herod wanted to kill every baby boy two years and younger, to kill Jesus. Yesterday, an attorney in our church is representing a nine-month-old Black baby boy who is being adopted by two married Black women, and whenever she called it ‘an abomination,’ the judge stopped the proceedings and put her out of the courtroom. This woman was simply protecting a nine-month-old helpless baby boy that is already an endangered species!” Spell exclaimed.

“You know, statistically, those couples then do the transgender deal. It’s like a ritual. They go after their testicles. I mean, it’s like a religion to target boys with this whole transgenderism. They admit it’s a transhumanist move,” Jones interjected.

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“Which by the way, exactly right. Which by the way, the vaccine takes away people’s ability – because of Bill Gates’, because of Bill Gates’ agenda that is in Daniel 7:25 – it takes away your ability to resist,” Spell asserted. “It takes away your desire to be zealous and fanatical. Look at people that are vaccinated, they’re like zombies. They’re just wandering around with no goals.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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