Infowars Caller to Roger Stone: ‘You’re going to go down in prison’

For those of you who have watched Infowars before, you either know that they oftentimes dabble in conspiracy theories, or you are incredibly gullible. For one man, calling himself Michael, he appears to be in the former category.

Late last week, Michael called into Infowars’ War Room as co-hosts Roger Stone and Owen Shorter were live on air. What happened next has many critics of both Stone and Alex Jones’ Infowars celebrating. The entire call can be seen below, along with the transcript of that call:

MICHAEL (CALLER): Hey, first and foremost I want to say under my current taxes, I just got information from my accountant — under Trump now I’m going to pay $4,200 more dollars in taxes than I did in 2017. I have now no individual exemptions and I now have to pay more in property taxes because of the limit. I’m a middle-class American and my family’s now going to spend $4,000 more. Thank you.

My second point is, you’re a marshmallow. You guys are snowflakes. Those cops were professional. The FBI — Stone is facing seven felony counts, five for lying to authorities, one for obstruction of justice, the other for witness tampering. They were gentlemen. They came to your house. They didn’t throw you down on the ground. You say your dogs were terrified and your wife was out in the street without her shoes on in the Florida freezing cold — 59 degrees. You guys are snowflakes, and you’re going to go down in prison. You’re facing 40-plus years, Stone. It’s coming down on you.

ROGER STONE (CO-HOST): All right, Mike. Don’t bet the ranch, muchacho. I don’t know where you are, but I guarantee you won’t tell us your name and your address because you’re ashamed of what you just said and you should be. Thank, you very much for your call —

OWEN SHROYER (CO-HOST): Wait, hold on, I want to ask Michael a question. I got to ask Michael a question because we’re getting these seminar callers now. So Michael, who told you to call here today?

MICHAEL: No one told me to call here, Owen. I’ve been watching Alex Jones for 20 years, since he was on Austin cable access. No one tells me to call. When someone has a good point and puts you in a corner, obviously it’s a conspiracy. Yeah, I’m being paid by [George] Soros. He sends me a check every week to watch your show and call in. Yeah, right.

SHROYER: OK, all right. Who are you really, though? Who are you really?

STONE: Yeah, tell us your name.

MICHAEL: My name is Michael [inaudible]. I live in Orlando, FL

STONE: God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend. Next call.

On January 29 Roger Stone pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts.

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