Infighting: Ben Shapiro & Marjorie Taylor Green Snipe At Each Other Over Holocaust Reference

Marjorie Taylor Greene is often on the defense when it comes to media reporting about her, but for this defense to include right-wing media figures is more unusual. This time, it’s Ben Shapiro, who upset her by calling out her Holocaust analogy.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Greene has compared mask requirements, implemented to reduce and slow the spread of COVID-19, to Nazi Germany’s mandating of yellow stars to be worn by Jewish people to identify them. When Ben Shapiro called her out on it, though, she snapped back at him.

After already facing criticism for the same comparison, Greene doubled down Tuesday morning, tweeting a link to a news story about a grocery chain dropping mask requirements for vaccinated employees and customers. The story from WLTV notes that employees can add a logo to their name badges that identifies them as vaccinated, and skip the mask.

Greene said this was “just like” Nazis forcing Jewish people to wear gold stars.

She received, of course, numerous responses pointing out to her that the comparison is as inaccurate as it is offensive, but one response seemed to get her attention. It was Ben Shapiro, who has expressed opposition to mask mandates himself.

He tweeted to call Greene’s comparison “demented,” and “insulting and insane.”

However, he did throw in an addendum, redirecting attention to the false claim that ‘The Squad,’ a group of Democratic legislators, support terrorists. It was this that Greene responded to, demanding to know why people aren’t more concerned about this alleged (false) support of terrorism, and the discrimination she claims antivaxxers are facing.

However, she also addressed Shapiro’s labeling of her as “bizarrely nutso,” claiming that he’s just “feeding into the left-wing media attacks” on her, and denying that she compared mask mandates to the Holocaust when she said that they were “just like” Nazis’ gold star mandate.

She continued with her conspiracy theory, spinning a tale of a world in which vaccination papers must be shown for access to schools, employment, and even bathrooms, and posited that eventually, this would lead to humans being microchipped or tattooed with bar codes.

Shapiro isn’t the only person on the right to be over Greene’s Holocaust comparison. According to reporter Jake Sherman, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has also issued a mild rebuke, calling Greene’s comparison “appalling” but quickly pivoting to point a finger at Democrats and Nancy Pelosi instead, and claiming that anti-Semitism is rising in the Democratic Party.

Despite that, he did affirm that the House Republican Conference is officially condemning Greene’s language.

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