Indiana Attorney General Pushes Big Lie On Election Fraud In Valentine Post

Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie,’ in which he falsely claimed that he won the 2020 Presidential election, convinced so many of his followers that a mob of them stormed the U.S. Capitol building. Despite the impeachment trial and the admission by multiple Republican leaders — including Mitch McConnell — that this Big Lie was the cause of the attack, the Republican Attorney General of Indiana is still pushing it.

Todd Rokita with cutout Donald Trump
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call]

Attorney General Todd Rokita used his Valentine’s Day Twitter message as a vehicle for promotion of the Big Lie.

Bearing a photo of former President Donald Trump, who did not win the 2020 election, the Valentine card in Rokita’s post reads, “You stole my heart like a 2020 election.”

Donald Trump did win the electoral votes in Rokita’s state, Indiana, on the same ballots that placed Rokita in office as State Attorney General, but contested several states where he lost to Democrat Joe Biden. Rokita continued to support Trump after the loss, issuing a statement calling for the Supreme Court to take the case from Texas, attempting to overturn the results in other states. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Two days after the insurrection attempt at the Capital, Rokita tweeted his support for Trump.

The following day, he released a statement claiming advance victimhood: he said the tweet had been a test to see if he’d be banned from Twitter for supporting the then-President, admitted that he had not been banned for the tweet but suggested it could still happen, and insisted that ‘Big Tech’ is unfairly silencing conservative views.

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