Ind. GOP State Rep. Under Fire After Posting Incredibly Racist Meme

With the country in unprecedented financial turmoil, Congress is attempting to find ways to put some money in the pockets of Americans. There was a $1,200 stimulus payment made to over 85 million people, but for most, that money has already run out.

Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

There has been a push by many Democrats to provide another form of stimulus, though those plans have mostly been rebuffed by Republicans. Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas mocked these negotiations with a racist meme for which he’s now come under fire.

Lucas posted the picture to his own personal Facebook page on Monday. The meme features black children dancing, with the words, “We ‘gon get free money.”

Jeanine Lee Lake, an African-American Democrat who is running for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District said of the image, “”It makes me want to cry. And that’s the truth. I’m just amazed. He’s a leader in our state. This is not Indiana. It’s not the best of Indiana certainly. And it’s sickening.”

Lucas found if odd that anyone would be offended by the image. He claimed that he doesn’t see color and used a random meme generator.

The State Rep. continued, “I don’t see anything wrong with it. People who want to find racism are going to find racism in anything.”

This isn’t the first time Lucas had faced heat over a controversial post. In August, he commented on a story about a black man who’d admitted to rape with a picture of hangman’s gallows.

He compared that situation to this one, “This is just like that whole thing of when I used the picture of the gallows. And everybody made an issue out of that because I used an image of a gallows on a post about a black professed rapist.”

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