In San Diego, ICE is Dumping Asylum Seekers Off at ‘Bus stops and at McDonalds’

There are literally thousands of people fleeing to the United States from Central America.  Whether it is Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador, there are families literally fleeing for their lives.  America has always welcomed asylum seekers with open arms, but that appears to be changing.

Gretchen Gordon is a nurse working in San Diego.  She volunteers her time working at shelters for asylum seekers in both Tijuana, Mexico and in San Diego.

In the latest episode of KrassenCast, Brian and Ed Krassenstein interviewed Gordon, who spoke about various inhumane actions being perpetrated by those at various immigrant detention centers in San Diego, under policy initiatives of the Trump administration.  Episode 3 of KrassenCast, ‘Asylum Camp Nightmares That Trump Won’t Tell You,’ is now available on iTunes, Patreon, Soundcloud, Youtube and other podcast providers.  It can also be heard below.

“What ICE has been doing here is pushing between 50-80 people per day onto the streets of San Diego,” Gordon told KrassenCast. “The idea was to try to create this false narrative of immigrants sort of flooding the streets of our cities.  They would just drop them off at the Greyhound bus stop or down at the McDonalds at the border, with no place to go and no money. “

This appears to be very similar to what took place in El Paso, Texas back in December when ICE also released immigrants at Greyhound bus stations right before Christmas.  ICE later told the city that this unscheduled release was a mistake.  Gordon’s story seems to show that this is taking place in multiple locations along the border, and it doesn’t appear to be a mistake at all.

“They already have their ankle monitors on, and they’ve gone through the whole process and are waiting for their hearings in the United States.  This is what [ICE] has just decided to do.  The ACLU, San Diego Rapid Response and Jewish Family Services has stepped in, as well as the city and county.”

Gordon also says that the treatment of breastfeeding mothers at detention centers in San Diego has been horrifying, including a story of one woman who could not breastfeed and was just given a burrito to chew up and then feed to her 10-month-old child.

The entire interview with Gordon, including a special relationship that she formed with one tortured asylum seeker named Yaritza, can be heard in Episode 3 of KrassenCast — now available on iTunes, Patreon, Soundcloud, Youtube and other podcast providers.

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