In Instagram Video From Bed, Donald Trump Jr’s Whining Really Jumps The Shark

Donald Trump Jr. has been complaining on social media about not getting enough love and attention. (He’s complaining about likes and retweets, not his dad.) He’s blaming the phantom Big Tech for blocking people from seeing his posts. However, in his latest, an Instagram video, he goes beyond anything so far, posting from bed and complaining that he’s getting his algorithms crushed. One thing is for sure — this video reached viewers, and they’re reacting.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Instagram]

Over the weekend, Don Jr. complained on Twitter that he’s not getting the amount of attention he expects for his posts, blaming this on social media sites that don’t want to spread what he calls “the truth” about the Biden family — presumably meaning the unverified claims and disinformation sourced from a laptop with a questionable-at-best chain of custody.

A few hours later on Instagram, Jr. went even further, posting a sad video from under the blankets, begging people to turn on post notifications so he can feel seen again.

“I’m just watching my algorithms get crushed. I guess I did something to p*** off the Instagram gods, so hopefully you’re seeing this stuff anyway.

He was quickly and roundly mocked for posting a whiny video from his bed, questioned about where his hands are, and compared to Hunter Biden, who he has openly and consistently attacked.

There could be some legitimate reasons for Don Jr.’s reduced retweets — Trofire reported last week that Twitter had removed a lot of bots that pretended to be Black people supporting Trump. Business Insider reported last year, during a similar purge, that the president complained about losing a lot of followers as the social media company deleted bots and spam accounts.

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